Gas Connection Control

LeThe control of your domestic gas installation aims to guarantee your safety. It informs you about the points of improvement or technical adjustements to be made
After checking your home, you will receive a visit report.
It is carried out by an approved and certified controler which will check the presence of any errors in your gas installation.

When is a gaz control mandatory?

The control of natural gas installations is mandatory in the following cases:

  • For any new natural gas installation and for any extension of an existing installation:
    This check is carried out before the meter is opened by the distribution network manager.
  • – The control may be imposed by certain authorities (municipality, fire department, region):
    In some municipalities such as Liège, a gas installation is required for the rental of an apartment, a student accommodation, or for an accommodation establishment.
  • Before selling a real estate:
    When selling a real estate, to avoid any possible concern about a hidden defect, it is recommended for the seller and the buyer to have the gas installation checked.
  • Every 10 years:
    For your safety, a periodic control is recommended every 10 years to check that your installation is still in compliance with the standards.

Why a gas control?

A gas installation involves a number of risks such as carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks with the risk of explosion or fire….

In most homes, natural gas is used for heating, producing hot water for sanitary facilities and / or cooking.

For safety of you and of your family, inspection of the gas installation is mandatory in certain cases.

What should you check before you can request a check?

You must have an isometric diagram: it is a diagram showing the lengths, diameters of all connected devices and their respective capacities. This diagram is drawn up and signed by the installer.

All lines and connections are installed and connected.

The connection to the chimney, the air supply and exhaust (if necessary) are effective.

The presence of a T-piece with downstream tap and plug is near the gas meter. This is necessary to perform the leak test during inspection.

Instructions for use of installed gas appliances are available.

At least 1 gas device (which consumes gas) must be installed. Please note: if modifications are made subsequently, a new check will be necessary.

How does gas connection control carried out?

The control takes place in 4 steps:

  1. Administrative control: verification of the isometric diagram, presence of instructions and instructions for use …
  2. Visual inspection: checking the materials used, fixings, connections, accessibility … the combustion air supply and the evacuation of combustion products.
  3. Measurements: checking the airtight on the basis of a test.
  4. Calculations: calculation of the pressure loss in the indoor pipe for each household appliance and calculation of the dilution factor at the mouth for each appliance.

Why do you trust A.C. Audit to preform your gas controls?

Gas controls in Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels must be established by companies approved by the FPS Economy (Belgian Federal Public Service). A.C. Audit Audit is surrounded by approved experts in the field to provide a legally recognized and quality gas inspection report.

In addition, for more comfort for our customers, A.C. Audit is able to provide you with a complete service: PEB certificate, , electrical control and gas connection. Indeed, these services are required when selling real estate. In addition, ordering several of our services gives you a price discount and you will save time: we will be your sole point of contact.

In addition, A.C. Audit, is a quality, professional and responsive service. Indeed, you can order our services very simply and quickly via our online services to request a quote or order via our online services to request a quote or order or by phone: 0478.36.12.13 or via our other contact details. . From then on, we will fix an appointment directly.

After the visit of our experts, and upon payment, your electrical inspection report, your PEB certificate or gas connection report will be sent to you either by email, or by post or to your notary or real estate agent at your convenience.

A.C. Audit also means more transparency in your orders. In fact, via your client you can follow the progress of your order, download your PEB certificates, electrical and gas report and your invoices. If your documents are lost, you will no longer have to worry about it: you will also be able to download them through your client area.

How does a gaz control cost ?

The price for a gas control is € 140 including VAT.

A controlled gas test combined with a PEB certificate or with an electrical test is 130 € incl. VAT.

certificat PEB ou avec un contrôle électrique est de 120€ TVAC.