Electrical control

+The control of your domestic electrical installation aims to guarantee your safety. It informs you of the points for improvement or adaptations to be made. The electrical compliance rules are identically in Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders. Electrical control is mandatary for the sale of a home or for the commissioning of your electrical installation. After checking your home, you will receive a visit report. The purpose of electrical control is to guarantee the safety of people and the preservation of your real estate in order to avoid the risk of fire or electric shock. The control report of the domestic electrical installation indicates the electrical compliance or not of the installation according to the RGIE (General Regulation of Electrical Installations) and the possible improvements to be made. It is carried out by an approved controller which will check for the presence of any errors in the wiring and electrical safety. This report is a good basis for improving the reliability of client installation. In the case of the sale of a good, this report informs the buyer of the state of the electrical installation at the time of the purchase of the good. This report can be positive or negative. This will have consequences which will be explained in a next paragraph “What are the legal obligations in terms of electrical control? ”

When do you need an electrical control?

The seller of a house or an apartment built before 1981, is obliged to present an electrical installation control report to the notary, and this from July 1, 2008. If this inspection report is not present at the signing of the deed, the sale will be suspended. This requirement applies to cases where the signing of the sales contract took place after June 30, 2008. It is also necessary in these circumstances:
  • When commissioning a new installation.
  • During a significant extension of the installation.
  • During a major modification of the installation.
  • During a temporary installation (eg site cupboards).
  • In the event of an increase in the power of the installation
  • Every 25 years (periodic inspection). In fact, in the event of a fire, your insurance may ask you to prove the conformity of your electrical installation.

Why do you trust A.C. Audit to carry out your electrical controls?

The electrical controls in Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels has to be performed by controllers who are approved by the SPF Economy (Belgian government agency). A.C. Audit has hired approved experts in order to provide a legally recognized and quality electrical control report. In addition, for more comfort for our customers, A.C. Audit is able to provide you with a complete service: PEB certificate, electrical control and gas connection control. Indeed, these services are often required when selling real estate. Moreover, an order with several of our services gives you a price discount and you will ensure to save time: we will be your only contact. On the other hand, A.C. Audit, is a quality, professional and responsive service. Indeed, you can order our services very simply and quickly via our online services to request a quote or place an order or by phone: 0478.36.12.13 or trough our other contact details. And then, we will fix an appointment directly. After the visit of our experts, and upon payment, your electrical control, your PEB certificate report or gas connection report will be sent to you either by email or by mail postal or to your notary or real estate agent according to your best convenience. A.C. Audit is also more transparency on your orders. In fact, trough your customer area , you can follow the progress of your order, download your PEB certificates and your invoices. If your documents are lost, you will no longer have to worry: you will also be able to download them trough your customer area .

How much does electrical control cost ?

The price of an electrical control is from € 130 (all taxes included)

How long is electrical control valid?

An electrical check is valid for 25 years if there is no modification or extension which is made to the electrical installation.

What could you prepare for the visit of the electrical controller to your real estate?

The electrical installation must be free of access for the duration of the inspection. The documents below must be prepared for the inspector’s visit. CAUTION: without these documents, your electrical control report will automatically be non-compliant because it would be a violation of electrical regulation ( RGIE ):
  • the single-line diagram of the electrical installation;
  • the position diagram of the elements in the electrical installation;
The single-line diagram is a schematic representation of electrical installation, which does not take into account the position of the electrical equipment but which provides the composition of each electrical circuit with symbols and the interconnection of these circuits between them. Example of wire diagram:
The position diagram is a plan which provides the physical location (with symbols) of the position of the switchboards, connection boxes, junction boxes, socket outlets, light points, switches and devices (household equipements) which are specified in the single-line diagram of the electrical installation. Example of position diagram:

What are the legal obligations in terms of electrical control?

Firstly, the house can be sold as soon as there is a negative or positive report. But, in case of negative report, the future owner has 12 months to bring the electrical installation into conformity according to the standards imposed for the RGIE. Then, no later than 12 months after the date of the last check, the owner must contact the same approved controller who has carried out the previous control (Art. 271 of the RGIE) in order to note the elimination of electrical regulation violation and therefore the conformity of the updated electrical installation. If the electrical control is carried out on real estate which has never been controlled and which dates before 01/10/1981 (Art. 276 bis of the RGIE), the owner has 18 months for the compliance of the electrical installation and he has the choice of contacting the controler of his choice in order to carry out the electrical control.